Oni Boobs

Oni Boobs hentaimangaly

-by Onomeshin

-24 pages

I think this is the first time that I have heard about a Oni Monster Otaku girl! Yes you heard right, a monster girl that is in love with anime and manga. So… what type would her perfect boyfriend be? She will be obviously looking for the biggest otaku in her area and that happens to be Tanabe. Such a lucky fella…


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Takami’s Day Off (Love Live! Sunshine!!)

Takami's Day Off (Love Live! Sunshine!!) hentaimangaly

-by Alp

-25 pages

Hey let’s head out. On second thought, staying indoors is better.. We can’t! There are guests below. We’ll just do it quietly. It’s fine. But… Just a little. I’ve been sweating a lot so that’s dirty. That’s nonsense. Other than that… did these get bigger again (pointing at her boobs)? I just can’t get enough of them!”

If you were looking for the latest lovey-dovey hentai manga, then you just have found it! Also I want to point out that Chika Takami’s boobs, are really something else!

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Futsukano wa Wotakare no Megane o Toru. (Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata)

Futsukano wa Wotakare no Megane o Toru hentaimangaly

-by Fujishima Sei1go

-24 pages

“Recently, I got a boyfriend… He is an otaku from my school. His name is Tomoya Aki. Altough nobody scorns our relationship, it is generally thought that no girl, would want to date an otaku like him. A disgusting otaku, who offered his own heart and body to 2D girls. HOWEVER, I recently realized that he’s actually not that different from a normal guy. I thought that someone like him is only fond of 2D girls, but it seems like he doesn’t really dislike real girls either.”

The conclusion here is, that even a hardcore otaku can’t resist a beautiful & busty 3D girl 😀

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