Hana x Hana (Kangoku Gakuen – Prison School)


Hana x Hana (Kangoku Gakuen - Prison School)  primehentai

-by Jun

-20 pages, English translated









Since I myself am a big fan of Kangoku Gakuen Hentai it is always a pleasure seeing new doujinshi of this manga being translated into English. And having Hana and Kiyoshi as the main performer of this hentai manga is really great, because IMO these two are probably the most interesting characters from this series.

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2 thoughts on “Hana x Hana (Kangoku Gakuen – Prison School)

  1. Could u guy’s make more of prison school, don’t get me wrong here this scene with kiyoshi and hana is good in all but it needs meiko and president so. I would be very happy if u guys have the time and day to make it

  2. There is indeed one with Meiko and I will try post it in the next few days. Unfortunately there is currently none with the president.

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